Monday, October 1, 2012

*** fOr YoU..., aNd FoR mE tOo ***

Devil will always browbeat you and imagine failure that is very shrink your stomach,
Until you sure in your effort, compared blessing Allah and help from Allah.

Until you unsure certainty that Allah give and fix to you,
Until you sense gloomy world and crumble just because you fail, and replying in a examination paper...

Until Allah show to  me, subject that I seriously to learn and believe to success...
Finally.. meeting failure also..,
And subject that I worried and substantially depend on Allah,
Allah simplify to passed.

And, I really do not understand and cannot see, What Why the failure need to be have in my living dictionary???
Why Allah destine to me until, I must repeat my paper?
Then, bear embarrassment with my family and other friends...

However, if Allah require on the other hand, consist failure, rest assured, that the best for you.
And not the punishment Allah for you.

Allah order us to strives to get reward from Allah, 
to get jihad reward,
not to gain result!
Because good result, success that is excellent,
is prize and blessing from Allah.

Success not come because our effort...

We always ask ourselves,
Why sometimes during examination,
we could not answer question,
whereas we already study very hard,
Is this consideration from Allah on our sins???

or.. there is meaning behind it?
and we never also thought,
what meaning behind it actually...

✿ However, if Allah require on the other hand, consist failure, "rest assured", it is the best for you,
not a punishment Allah for you dear... ✿

TaKe yOUr tImE

Take time to think, that is source of strength.
Take time to play, that is secret from early age that is eternal.
Take time to pray, that is peace resources.
Take time to learn, that is source of wisdom.

Take time to love and loved, that is special rights that are given by God.
Take time to befriend, that is path to happiness.
Take time to laugh, that is music that making heart shiver.
Take time to give, that is make life meaningful.

Take time to be working, that is efficacy value.
Take time to perform good deeds, that is key towards heaven

"the future , purchased by present"
[samuel johnson]