Thursday, November 8, 2012

✿ Let's We Share

Knowledge without charity is like a tree that bears no fruit.

"Knowledge without charity, crazy and charity without knowledge, is useless"

What's the point if we learn and have a lot f knowledge about anything but do not practice it.
But here we must continue seeking knowledge, because Islam is a religion that values knowledge.

The prophet SAW said: "the best practice in the sight of Allah is ongoing although a little"
(Muttafaq 'alaihi, the report)

Knowledgeable but not appreciate, like a donkey bear the weight of books.

So, I with a big heart...  want to share with all of you about this video. It will help us to know what the meaning actually we read in while we're pray..,

Okey, have a nice understanding, hope it will be benefit..
thanks for the video maker,, very much, may Allah bless you..

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